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Replacement Windows and Doors in Richmond Hill


The average window can last for 20 years or so. Once you agree on your project and ready to make purchase you will have to live with it for long time. Some people  make mistake by treating windows like just another Shop purchase where they can pay by credit card, keep it for few days, months, years or even put unwanted items in the basement with others alike, to wait their destiny in the dark. Windows or Doors are not exactly the same, for a several reasons. They don't belong in your basement, at all. They are usually cost much more then your most expensive buy in local supper market. And last but not least they will be in front on your eyes for as long as you live in your current property. And in case with doors you have to use them every time you want to go for a walk. So, once you purchase your new windows for your Richmond Hill house you better be sure its a good buy. I would say treat your window replacement project the same way you had treated purchase of your house.

1. Realizing your need in window replacement project.

Sit back and relax, think about your new windows and doors. Will they make you happy? Or you just dreaming for some vacation away from Richmond Hill? If you can’t commit to a decision, that means you’re not comfortable with that decision just yet. Take your time and if you have to, step back and reassess the situation. Your window replacement project in Richmond Hill can wait. Sometimes it is obvious that the windows in your home right now are in such poor condition that they absolutely must be replaced, but you don’t necessarily have to replace them with the same style and size that exists now.

2. Cheap is good, isn't it?

To make your window replacement project in Richmond Hill be pleasant experience you need to consider several very important factors. First, cheap window replacement with high quality windows is possible. This statement is true if you found your perfect window contractor. Contractor who has experience, time and willing to supply and install cheap windows with low cost. And you can certainly find some very inexpensive products on the market, especially from those local home improvement megastores, but the quality of those windows and doors are so low, it will be noticeable within a matter of days and weeks of having them installed. Also, large retailers has fixed mark up for their product and not willing to release product unless their can feed all personal in their corporation. Smaller contractor has least ballast and willing to sharpen their pencil. So, from our opinion to install new windows in your house you should look for experienced contractor who really can drop the price. Replacing windows for your Richmond Hill home do  increasing the value of your home, as long as you don’t fall into the common trap of focusing on the cheapest products first.

3. Windows are just Windows

Many times we as a Window Replacement company meeting home owners in Richmond Hill who want to replace windows just because they want to sell their home. Obviously their real estate agent tells them that it will increase the value of their home. And when they do so, they are wondering why their did not do it 30 years ago and have to enjoy new windows only for short amount of time before they move out.

4. Rush decisions

Window replacement business is not like real estate where good properties fly away fast. Window installation companies do not run away from you. Some of them actually running after you. So, if someone tells you that this window replacement deal will not be available tomorrow, that is not true. Honesty in this business cost a lot. If it takes you two months to go through and look at all available products, then do that.

5. Choose your window Contractor

Ivory Windows and doors located in Richmond Hill and always willing to travel and serve your needs. We have experince in Vinyl Windows, Aluminum Windows, Bi folding Windows, and you name it windows as well. Always there to help as we don't do anything else, but window replacement.

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