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Black Windows


Black Sliding Door

Project scope of work was to Install 2 custom sizes sliding doors, separated by 2' brick wall.

-Standard door size of 6' was increased to 7.5'

-Wall cut out was prepared for two openings.

-(2) new lintels were installed

-(2) new wood Haders were installed.

-New concrete floor slab was poured.

-(2) Exterior Black Patio doors were installed.

-(2) 5" Perimeter capping at doors were installed.


Black Windows and Doors


Black Sliding Windows

Natural vinyl has white color and needs to be painted with special commercial grade paint. White vinyl is cheaper as it does not require painting.

New trend for windows and doors is to use black painted windows for your home design.

As you can see exterior black painted windows on the left has visible white parts, Some parts of window did not get painted. To have black windows inside-out you need to request windows to order interior and exterior painted windows. 

Special Deal



Black Casement Windows

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