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Why Should I Replace my Windows?

Knowing the right time to replace your windows is crucial for any homeowner. The average lifespan of good quality, well-maintained windows is around 20 years. Many other factors can affect their lifespan, such as humidity, temperature, and other climate characteristics. However, there are many other reasons to replace your windows other than irreparable damage. Here are some possible reasons you may want to change your windows:

New aluminum capping stand out against old window

1. They are Damaged Beyond Repair

​​In many cases, window repair is a better option than outright replacement. If your windows need basic maintenance such sealing or caulking them. However, sometimes they cannot be fixed, some tell-tale signs that the time has come to get new windows; If your window sash or frame are broken or warped, replacing them will be much easier and economical than replacement. If they have major cracks or holes, they should definitely be changed. Permanent stains or dents are also irreparable issues. If your windows let through noise or wobble constantly that means they need to be changed as well.

Damaged window frame

2. You have Trouble Locking, Opening, or Closing Them

​​Old or improperly installed windows may be difficult to open, close, or lock. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, it is important to replace them as soon as these signs start to show. Windows that do not close or lock properly may affect the temperature and security of your home. If you do not replace them as soon as possible, they may get stuck, which will be an even bigger issue.​

3. Saving Money

Old or damaged windows can have a significant effect on your energy bill.

The Department of Energy states that drafty windows can let in outside air and cause your energy bills to be 10 to 25% higher. This can easily be avoided by buying energy-efficient windows such as Marvin windows which can decrease heating and cooling bills significantly. If you are planning on reselling your house, insulated weather-resistant windows are a huge advantage in home value.

4. You Have Single-Pane Windows

If your house is older than 1970 and you have never replaced your windows, they are most likely made of single-pane glass. Modern windows are made from double or triple pane glass, and are superior in every way*. Single pane windows are often drafty, break or dent easily, and could even be dangerous. If you have single-pane windows in your house, replacement is a must.

5. They Don’t Look Good

The most obvious reason but overlooked reason to replace your windows is that they don’t match the interior or exterior of your home. The colour and design of the sash and frame can have a huge impact on the appearance of your home. Some colours and designs go better with others, and that is not always taken into consideration in the design of the original windows in your home. If you are doing a makeover of your home or re-painting, you might want to consider replacing your windows as well


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