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Framing materials on the market vary manufacturer to manufacturer. By getting the cheapest windows out there you will definitely save money—short-term.

PVC frame has interesting features, it does not keep the memory of its original position. Vinyl window made of PVC will shrink during colder months and expand during hotter months. Eventually, PVC window will have gaps at most of the joints. Windows commonly turn yellow or grey or can take any other color depends on what type of plastic was used during recycling process. Poly Vinyl Chloride is made of recycled materials that has no specific formula and has unknown characteristics.

UPVC window frames, after its cycle comes back to its original position, leave no marks or cracks at the joints. Unique UPVC formula restores its bond position after each cycle. As it has unique formula, UPVC frame does not change color over time. Manufacture warranty for our product extend to up to 25 years.

Ivory Windows provide unlimited and fully transferable 25 years warranty for our product.

On the picture: Frame deformation caused external seal failure

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