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Moisture inside sealed unit


Exposure to heat during hot summer days and cold winter days make your windows vulnerable to expansion and contraction of its inner elements.

During hot summer days, air trapped inside of your window expands, acting on the glass pane from inside, causing the center of the unit to swell like a balloon. At night, the temperature drops and glass panes returns to their original position.

This cycle repeats day after day until the interior rubber gasket fails. This creates moisture and bacteria inside the sealed unit. This, in fact, increases that balloon effect even further, causing the seal to eventually fail. Allowing moisture in the air to enter sealed units create a perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow.

Moisture and humidity trapped in the unit turns into stem during warm summer days and rises to the top of the sealed unit. As the day go by, temperature drops and steam condensation runs down the colder surface. The next morning when the temperature rises again, this cycle repeats. This daily transfer of air quickly saturates the desiccant crystals inside the spacer bars and moisture condensation on the glass is inevitable.

Our days sealed units are filled with inert gas such as Argon or Krypton which can save your window from gasket failure and bacterial growth.

Ivory windows provide Lifetime (25 Years) unlimited and fully transferable warranty for all sealed units.

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